A Pastor’s Reflection 12/21

Reflections – I would probably say this week has been “one of those weeks”. It seemed as if nothing was going right. Everything was behind. When one thing got accomplished, there was something else that can up. Every store was jammed. Every minute was consumed. It was truly a hustle and bustle. However when I REALLY stop to reflect, I can only see how blessed it was. Every MINUTE was accounted for but every MOMENT was a blessing. Each and every day there was a nugget of gold. From the joy of celebrating a friend’s furthest dreams coming true. Watching the hearts of coworkers support our ‘benevolent’ efforts and having fun doing it. To supporting a group of women create an event to raise hundreds of dollars and gift over 400 toys simply because God has blessed them personally. To needing to reach out to a friend for a favor and they went above and beyond to make happen. To the joy of wrapping the gifts for the mothers and children of the church. As much as the other ‘stuff’ was in my mind, there are some great moments to thank God for. I recognize there are always 2 ends to a string, 2 ends to a line, 2 sides to a door and 2 ways to see the day. Thank God we’re not myopic in our vision. Let us help those we serve today to see the ‘other side’ to see the love in every opportunity. Let us see God in the faces of those we encounter day by day.
Today’s text: Philipeans 4:6
“It’s ALL good – It’s ALL God!”


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