A New Year – A First Step

Reflections: The last few days speaking with a few friends, the question was what are you preaching Sunday as we are entering the new year. What strikes me is not the sermon titles or text. It is the disclaimer that was the common thread. “This year I need to church to get ___ so I’m preaching…”. Each of us has the desire to set the year’s direction for our perspective community through a sermon. I wonder how fair is it to us or to the congregation to expect so much change after turning the page on the calendar. We know in our personal lives how many changes and challenges we look to do after the first of the year and before the month is over, we have seemed to slide back or slacked off. There is no doubt that we are to offer new God-ordained direction. And we should recognize in their own lives they have called for personal change. So today I have to remember to offer a single step in a new direction. What are you asking of God’s congregants today? Today I just want them to praise with their mouth and speak to God. Next week we may ask them to praise with their hands and mouth! LOL
Bless you in your service today to God. Preach with power. Preach with a prophetic word. Preach with the undeniable promise of God.
Today’s scripture: Isaiah 62:1-10
“There’s a Need for Noise!”
So today, let’s make a joyful noise!


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