Caring for the Caregiver

Reflections – There is weight that entered my spirit last week and it is the catalyst for prayer. As I went to visit a member in rehab I met her nurse caregiver. She was as caring and concerned for her patients as you would want. My member raved about how she was attentive and on point in every aspect of her job. It was refreshing to see someone in service give such a level of compassion and concern. My spirit kept hearing a silent cry for help. Just in conversation I asked where she attended service and a litany of other questions. Within 20 minutes this young lady was balling with tears and pain you would never expect. She found herself pouring out pain: this single mother that has a parent and child in the penal system. Financially strapped between two jobs. 2 young children. And all the other trappings of life, fair and unfair, imposed and self-inflicted. Her current situation would take the wind out of most of us. She has been masking and hiding her pain in the care for other and self-medicating through service to others. As you can imagine the sleepless nights and stressful days. I really started wondering after my own holiday self-diagnosis how many of us clergy, pastors are walking around doing the same. There is no doubt in the power of prayer and we are quite aware of the Holy Ghost as our comforter. And we have understood physician heal thyself. However God has empowered and gifted others to serve as our intercessory help for our own stresses. These writings are shared so we are reminded we are not alone in our own journey of trials and tribulations. Find and ear, find a hand, find a shoulder, find a friend to be open and honest with that will listen and help. If you’re continually cooking and feeding others, when do you sit and eat a nutritious meal. The caregivers must be cared for.
(Part 1)



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