Being Transparent 

Full Disclosure – 1) At this moment I am struggling to get out of bed and get started. Not because I’m tired. Not because we ‘lost’ an hour. Yet, because I just don’t want to. There is so much that HAS to be done, that it’s out weighing what I want to do. Those famous last words – just a few more minutes. 

2) Last night I wrote a different thought to share today. Reading through it again I realized I began doing just the opposite of the reason for the writings. I noticed it had become a mediocre meditation on ‘stuff’. I recognized the fact the more people that I began sharing them with, the more fearful I was of total openness. Vulnerability was at risk the more I shared.  The reason I began this many months ago was to share what was deeper than the surface. It was to expose the week’s ills, trials or tribulations to the air so healing could begin. It was a balm. It was to be the source for someone else’s healing. It was to let others know they were not along in their thoughts. In their struggles or their week’s challenge. As we challenge those we shepherd to be vulnerable to the Holy Spirit, I must myself remain honest to the charge. Not to bleed all over others but to be reminded we do bleed & we are vulnerable & we will heal. I want these writing to remind others to see the challenges of those we see sitting in the pulpit. There are weeks were our emotions are in tack. Where we see no issues or concerns. There are weeks that’s it’s all good and nothing to complain about. I’m all for them and want more. And I pray these writings are fuel to begin that kind week for you. 
3) in the last week, in several different settings, I have found myself having to complete 3 different self assessments or evaluations or personal surveys under different circumstances. Though they are difficult to do at times, to face our mirrors.  I would like to challenge others to try them. How can we improve if we do not know where we stand. Theology, management styles, love languages, financial goals or habits good or bad, parenting styles. Ask the hard questions to reveal the real person.


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